Science Suggests: The guy your mom recently married is not your real dad and can’t tell you to move out. 

 May 20, 2020

Are you married to a mom who’s adult son still living with her? Have you had discussions audible from the basement air vent about how he needs to “move out”?

A recent report from Science University reveals you are not his real dad, and do not have the power to kick out your new wife’s amazing son.

A team of 133 scientists from Science University, over the span of 6 months, conducted a social survey that asked the question: “If someone already living at a residence, is beloved on the internet, is a general joy to be around, and is told by a bearded narcissist to “move out”, do they have to? 

Overwhelmingly, the answer “No” topped the survey with 88%.

“Yes” received 10% , and  “I’m the man of the house, now. You have two weeks to find an apartment.” Rounded things off with 2% of the answers.

Because the survey is binary and required either a yes, or no, all answers deviating from the binary results were tossed from the pool.

The result is a social consensus qualifying your stepson’s claim to residency and that you are, in fact a jerkface narcissist who just wants to re-purpose the basement as your “wood shop”.

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