Science Suggests: Exercising everyday is a total waste of time. 

 May 23, 2020

Have you ever been exercising and thought to yourself, “this is stupid”? Do you dread working out because in the back of your mind is a tiny voice saying, “haha look at the loser exercising” ?

Believe it or not, a new discovery by a team of  scientists suggest exercising is in fact, “stupid” and a complete waste of time.

While we cannot help with that tiny voice in your head (le​​​​​arn more about the voice), we can share with you how science has completely turned the fitness world upside down.

Exercising releases endorphins slowly into the blood stream increasing the feeling of motivation and exuberance.

The study examined these endorphins and concluded the exact same endorphins are produced whenever people eat something they love.

Additionally, dopamine is released with the endorphins to inject feelings of joy to be mixed with exuberance.

Exercising burns fat through stimulating muscles, and releasing the fat burning chemical, irisin. Science discovered irisin is also released along with cortisol, the hormone responsible for guilt.

Using these findings, scientists concluded to lose weight people no longer need to exercise and can eat whatever they want just as long as they feel really, REALLY guilty about it. 

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