One Legged Horse Comes In Dead Last At Kentucky Derby. 

 September 5, 2020

Unlikely contender: "Quatro" comes in dead last at the Kentucky Derby.

Tim Sherman's one legged horse, Quatro is no stranger to adversity.

Born with four legs, Quatro was a normal thoroughbred that never made waves, and mostly kept to himself. As he grew, Tim knew Quatro was different.

I like to think horses can understand me. Horse whisper'n is fake news. You have to yell, loud. - T. Sherman

Tim was worried Quatro wasn't fitting in, so he did what any horse father would do, he "nipped it in the bud".

When I noticed he kept try'n to stand on one leg. I asked him point blank "you think you a one legged horse?" Immediately Quatro danced like someone finally understood. -T.S.

Tim's open communication with Quatro made him realize inside, Quatro felt he was a one legged horse. 

 I love my horses. I will do anything for em. - T.S.

At Quatro's request, Tim contacted renowned horse plastic surgeon, Dr. Sonya McMakseglu to transform Quatro into the horse he truly is inside.

The operation was a complete success and Quatro has been living his best horse life one hop at a time.

In fact, Quatro competed in the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

We knew it was a long shot, but race'n has been one of Quatro's dreams since he was a four legger. - T.S.

Getting accepted to compete was no simple task. Tim and Quatro had to navigate years of systemic horse discrimination and neigh sayers. But when a petition received over 2 Million signatures from farmhands and horse yellers across the nation, Quatro was let in.

He only made it a few yards before the wind knocked him over, but you had to see the joy in his eyes. The crowd was chant'n "Quatro!.. Quatro!" It gave him the courage to skootch around the entire track lay'n down.

Quatro may not have won the Kentucky Derby, but he definitely won our hearts.

We asked Tim to ask Quatro what the future holds. Quatro plans to crush the competition at the 2021 Horse Paralympic Games.

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