Mummy From Scooby Doo Suspect In National Coin Shortage 

 July 29, 2020

The U.S. Mint is asking for help in locating the mummy from Scooby Doo who is prime suspect in the National Coin Shortage.

On Tuesday, investigators brainstormed strategies that could be a possible reason as to why all the coins in the U.S. are disappearing.

The strategy session produced several theories ranging from hoarding, aliens, and poorly executed magic tricks. The only logical solution to the coin shortage was an ancient mummy with an affinity to coins.

"We believe we've close to solving this mystery, gang" - David J. Ryder, Director U.S. Mint

The suspect will be walking slowly, wearing tattered "mummy wraps" and yelling the words, "Coin, coin, COIN!"

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