Fauci Threatens To Sit Out 2020 NFL Season If He Doesn’t Get a New Deal. 

 June 20, 2020

​Tampa Bay's team doctor ​Anthony S. Fauci is holding out until he receives a reasonable deal. Fauci is in the last year of his rookie contract and set to earn $1.4 million this season.

Tampa Bay management is confused as Fauci has virtually no stats, and is holding out as team doctor. What's more confusing is why Fauci feels the need to wear a team uniform as it is not needed to perform his duties as a doctor.

Staff and team members have asked Fauci to give up his uniform, but he has maintained he has been wearing #12 since Pre-med and does not think it's fair to give up his long time number to "the new guy".

​Fauci missed his entire second (2019) season with a cough. Casting doubts on his long term dependability.

There are expected to be as many as 17 quality team doctors in free agency next year, and several will be invited to Tampa Bay's training camp to compete for the position.

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