Facebook Fact Checkers Skeptical Of Invite to Company Picnic 

 July 25, 2020

An email sent to Facebook employees inviting them to the annual company picnic was checked for accuracy by fact checkers.

The email triggered skepticism as this was the first time Facebook fact checkers have been invited to a company event.

"We're supposed to be independent from the inner workings of Facebook. How can we be objective if we're rubbing elbows with Jessica from accounting, if that is her real name." - G. Morris FB Fact Checker

Fact checkers have had a strenuous uptick in activity since the outbreak of COVID-19. Some feel attending a company function would be an unnecessary distraction.

"We can't just stop what we're doing to try the mac & cheese some intern brought that's supposedly 'home made' and was his 'Grandma's Recipe'. We know better." - D. Lorrel FB Fact Checker

Fact Checkers researched the validity of the company's annual event and found zero evidence confirming the existence of picnics.

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