Disney World Reopens: Creates Separate Lines For COVID Patients 

 July 11, 2020

Months after closing due to the coronavirus, Walt Disney World officially reopens with separate lines created specifically for COVID-19 patients.

Disney confirmed to The Wokest that the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom opened their gates this morning. The lines for COVID patients will be separated from the ‘healthy lines’ by 6ft, per CDC guidelines.

Epcot and Hollywood Studios are set to welcome guests on Wednesday where COVID lines will also be enforced.

Three parks in Asia have already reopened using the COVID lines. But it's the first Disney park in the United States to implement the new safety precaution.

Disney is no stranger to going to infinity and beyond for their guests.

Later this year they will release the ‘CoronaPASS™’  which allows guests on ventilators to jump to the front of the COVID line.

CoronaPASS™ is covered by all major healthcare insurance providers.

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