COVID-19 Linked In The Disappearance Of Jimmy Hoffa 

 July 25, 2020

New evidence has emerged that links COVID-19 to the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Nearly 46 years after Hoffa vanished, investigators assigned to the cold case stumbled upon a letter written by Hoffa naming the novel virus as an adversary.

The text was known to authorities investigating Hoffa's disappearance, but were not able to make sense of the letter until now.

In the letter written to his wife Josephine Poszywak, Hoffa expresses frustration with a young Irish assistant named Covid who was hired by Frank Sheeran. 

"I don't care if he's still a teenager, Covid takes orders from me, not Frank." - Hoffa letter to J. Poszywak

Frank Sheeran's grandson, Edward declined to comment.

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