Antifa Mom Forgets to Bring Gatorade and Orange Wedges. 

 June 18, 2020

​After several hours of spirited, hostile protesting, Antifa members were looking forward to replenishing electrolytes with some Gatorade and orange slices. Unfortunately, Darren's mom Belinda goofed and forgot.

The rest of the Antifa moms were not surprised.

"Belinda always shows up late for the protests. One week, it was her turn to provide snacks for the kids, and instead of the agreed upon Peanut Butter sandwiches and juice boxes, she shows up with 11 bags of Dave's Doubles from the Wendy's across the street. Our little anarchists were protesting Wall Street with ketchup and mayonnaise stains on their masks. " -Chelsea

​Belinda promises to "do better" and ​wishes protest organizers would see her son's potential and put him in a starting position. Belinda states, "He's been a 3rd string protestor for months. He can do more than hold a sign and yell."

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