Amazon To Close Online Store On Thanksgiving 

 July 31, 2020

Thanksgiving is months away, but retailers are planning for a unique holiday shopping season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

For years, Thanksgiving and Black Friday were the kickoff to the holiday shopping season and the time of year when consumers get fixated on holiday spending.

This flood of shoppers is what gives Black Friday its name.  That and the obvious racial overtones conjured by the word "Friday"

That all has changed since the 2020 pandemic. (Except for the racism against Fridays)

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon decided his store would also follow recommended safety measure by closing Amazon For Thanksgiving.

This comes after several stores like Walmart and Kohl's made the same decision.

"Our web servers deserve a night off. This isn't a time for family to be wasting away staring at their phones trying to find the perfect oven mitt." - J. Bezos

We expect Facebook to make a similar announcement.

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